Window Pain
Book One, Episode Two
Lwl ep002
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 30th January 2009
Length 10 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Link Life with Lamarr
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Hate Cuisine
Saucy Headcrab


Doctor Kleiner is dismayed to find his living-room windows broken again. Unable to fathom out how it keeps happening, he rouses Barney Calhoun from a hungover snooze on the sofa and berates him for allowing it to happen.

Later that evening, while the window is being replaced, Barney goes out and returns drunk after Kleiner has gone to bed. On spotting Lamarr in the living-room, he gives voice to his jealousy for the place Lamarr holds in Kleiner's heart and kicks her clear through the recently fixed window, suggesting that this is a nightly occurrence. In the final frame Kleiner is seen holding his head in disbelief as he discovered the window broken again.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: I say! Calhoun booted that blighter through the window just as if he was me scoring for my school at rugger! Which I used to do rather a lot, as a matter of fact. Top hole!


  • The apartment set used for Kleiner's original home came in two kinds of map - day and night. The night set was used in the frame where Barney kicks Lamarr through the window and the day set for the final frame where Kleiner discovers the destruction. Because the sets were different maps, the window had to be broken afresh for the final frame, which explains why the pattern of the glass in the smashed window in the final frame is completely different to the frame before it.
  • The song the drunken Barney is singing on his return from his night out is 'Too Shy' by 80's group Kajagoogoo.