Twisted Fonzie Theatre
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Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Started August, 2008
No. of Runs 4
No. of episodes 57
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Twisted Fonzie Theatre was originally a smilie-based strip on The CamPanulas' forum. It started sometime in August 2008 in the forum's scrolling new section. The strip revolved around the lives of an ego-centric Fonzie and his servant Cunningham. When the forum started to die in September 2008 from technical difficulties The Light6, a forum regular, created a back-up of the strip on When Co McPhee started Comics from the Mind of Co an attempted revival was done with "re-runs" of the original strips but in comic format, however this new look only lasted a couple of episodes, when McPhee realised that taken out of its exceedingly basic smilie format, the strip instantly lost most of its charm.

Later in July 2009 a re-run was attempted at the head of Life with Lamarr, to allow new viewers to "catch up" before creating new episodes. However part way through the re-run it was cancelled and new episodes were released instead, however this only lasted two episodes before it was stopped due to complexity in updating.

In January 2010 Co managed to simply the updating process and the strip was revived underneath Life with Lamarr, this went for 5 episodes until it was moved away from Life with Lamarr to it's own specialised section on the site.


  • Fonzie - The titular character and self-proclaimed lord of all he sees, he lives in Château Fonzarelli with his servant Cunningham.
  • Cunningham - Fonzie's faithful servant, loyal even to the most absurd of instructions, except that one incident involving sharks.
  • Jim Varney - A virgin sacrifice to the Fonzie, at least until Cunningham got bored bringing him back to Château Fonzarelli.
  • Sharks - Have a bone to pick with the Fonzie after he ruined the screen career of one of them.
  • Gil Perkins - Originally an invisible inhabitant of Château Fonzarelli, gained a body after the LHC activated.
  • Al Delvecchio - Supposed leader of the villagers Fonzie claims to rule, suffered a stroke and can no longer speak English.
  • Mary-Kate Olsen - A strange woman who seeks to mate with Fonzie in order to bear his children, much to his disgust.
  • Uncle Traveling Matt - One of the three Barons of Reality, they are responsible for Gil Perkin's original lack of body.
  • Sylvester Sneekly - Yet another Barons of Reality.
  • Champion the Wonder Horse - The Overlord of the Barons of Reality.
  • Pedobear - Attempted to become Fonzie's assistant in the belief he had children.

List of Episodes

First Run (2008)

No. Title Description
1 Sacrifice Fonzie is angered at the lack of respect for him and orders Cunningham to fetch him a virgin sacrifice.
2 Mothers Cunningham is missing his Mum when The Fonz reveals a shocking revelation.
3 Dinner The Fonz craves food and orders Cunningham to make him dinner.
4 Death Ray Still annoyed at the lack of respect and fear of him, The Fonz decides to build a Death Ray.
5 Immature The Fonz wishes to use the toilet but demands something better then regular toilet paper.
6 Jumping Still annoyed at the lack of respect and fear of him yet again, The Fonz decides to amaze the world with water-skiing...
7 Fly Cunningham introduces Fonzie to his newest friend, Lucy the Fly.
8 Shark A Shark is angry at The Fonz over a previous encounter which ruined his screen career.
9 Fish The Sharks seek revenge on The Fonz, and with the help of Cunningham none-the-less!
10 Invisible A new invisible guest has entered Château Fonzarelli, much to Fonzie's annoyance.
11 Dread Fonzie tries to rid his home of it's new invisible occupant.
12 Cheeseburger Fonzie wonders why he is out of money when the village peasants are suppose to pay him tribute.
13 Gesticulate Fonzie wants his dinner and questions Cunningham on why it is not ready.
14 Language Al Delvecchio and the invisible guest still roam the halls of Château Fonzarelli.
15 Boots Fonzie scolds Cunningham for not preparing his shoes correctly.
16 Identity The invisible guest ponders who he is and requests the help of Cunningham to solve the mystery.
17 Rock Fonzie teaches Cunningham a lesson about Rock 'n' Roll.
18 Mate Mary-Kate Olsen has arrived at Château Fonzarelli with one purpose: To mother the children of the Fonz with her "fine strong hips".
19 Soap Fonzie wants the invisible guest to get rid of Mary-Kate as payment for his squatting in Château Fonzarelli.
20 Peril The Sharks once again plan against the Fonz.
21 Flatware Mary-Kate makes some changes to the house.
22 Cashflow Low on cash Cunningham and Fonzie consider using Mary-Kate as a source of money.
23 Almost Certain Death The Large Hadron Collider is activated.
24 Spurious The LHC didn't destroy the world, however Mary-Kate claims to have seen something appear in thin air, has the invisible guest became visible?
25 Legendary The invisible guest is revealed to be none-other then Gil Perkins, but who is Gil Perkins?
26 Backstory Gil Perkins reveals how beings known as the Barons of Reality are responsible for his previous invisibility.
27 Broadcast The Fonz reveals his greatest plan yet.
28 Sugar (Gimme some) The Fonz gets Cunningham a second job to pay the bills.
29 Fruity The Fonz has a cold and on his birthday none-the-less.
30 Minty Cunningham has upset the Fonz and now looks to be out of a job.
31/32 Missing episodes In a universe far, far away...

Second Run (2009)

No. Title Description
31 Dole Fonzie decides to hire a new assistant.
32 Fridge After the new assistant bails, the Fonz is forced to take out his own trash which leads to a reunion.

Third Run (2010)

No. Title Description
33 Kitteh With his servant back in tow, the Fonz wonders about his new pet.
34 Snailish While taking a stroll around Château Fonzarelli the Fonz is displeased to find that wild creatures live on the premises.
35 Whopper The Fonz has an urge for peasant food, meanwhile Cunningham questions the amount of respect the Fonz receives.
36 Monopoly While playing a game of Monopoly the Fonz gains some "expansionistic urges".
37 Checkout While out shopping Gil Perkins takes an opportunity to humiliate the Fonz.
38 Movie It's Cunningham's night out however the Fonz thinks Cunningham should use his time to take in some high culture.
39 Pool With Gil getting more things for himself, the Fonz decides to not be outdone and get a better version of Gil's current project.
40 (In)Famous Looking to relax the Fonz decides to watch Happy Days only to find no station is airing it, however in all the shows that are on a familiar face appears.
41 Packed Mary-Kate has became disillusioned with the Fonz and Cunningham attempts to re-confirm her faith in him.
42 Alone With the Fonz left alone he attempts to make himself breakfast but ends up breaking the laws of chemistry and physics.
43 Toasty While eating some toast the Fonz believes to see an image of himself within it.
44 God When Fonzie finds Cunningham praying the Fonz reminds him that he should only have faith in the Fonz.
45 Reality The Barons of Reality are back! And are after the "AWESOME one" no less, however the Fonz does not interest them.
46 Weegee A guest strip by The Light6 where the Fonz meets an "individual" from the depths of the internet.
47 Picnic The Fonz and Cunningham are having a picnic, however the Fonz has bad news.

Fourth Run (2010)

No. Title Description
48 Chilly Stuck outside without a source of heat the Fonz demands Cunningham take drastic measures...
49 Cardboard Without a way out of his predicament the Fonz decided to accept his fate.
50 Loud Fonzie questions Cunningham on until he let's his tongue slip, however the Fonz dismisses it as a mistake on his behalf...
51 Promise After regaining control of Château Fonzarelli, Fonzie reveals the price of it, much to Cunningham's horror.
52 Basics Fonzie begins his campaign against Perkins.
53 Phony Perkins gives Fonzie a phone call, much to his confusion and disgust.
54 Onslaught Perkins steps up his side of the campaign and the Fonz launches a counter-attack.

Fifth Run (2011)

No. Title Description
55 Buttered Fonzie one more pranks Perkins, though words of his deed are misinterpreted.
56 Grasshopper Fonzie is practising his karate and offers Cunningham a demonstration.
57 Rage Cunningham's rage is released and he gains the urge for world domination! Meanwhile Perkins gets back at the Fonz.
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