This One
Vorti says
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Act of God
Doctor Breen has a Falling Out (Within the comic)
Appearances Book Three: Land Sakes
Book Four: The House of Longfigger

Odessa Cubbage's replacement as commenter, following the addition of an "illegal comic" into "Shine On, Barney"'s comment. After 3 strips and much complaint about his pay, Cubbage was reinstated after is was discovered he was suggesting certain things to Co McPhee in Vortigese.

He later reappeared alongside Cubbage in Doctor Breen has a Falling Out.


Book Three: Land SakesEdit

No. Title This One says:
78 Act of God Greetings to you. The Cubbage has been relieved of his position, following the insertion of an illegal cartoon. This one has been asked to give the opinion instead. However, as the financial reward has not yet been settled to a mutual satisfaction, this one declines to comment.
Re-write Greetings. Following references to inappropriate humour, the Odessa Cubbage has been removed from his post as commenter. This One has been asked to comment in his place. However, under Vortigaunt union rules, until the subject of bonuses is correctly settled to This One's satisfaction I must decline to do so.
79 Making Up is Easy to - wait, WTF?! This one is in no doubt that this is quite a turn of events that would do well to be commented upon. Alas, as the small matter of the quantity of paid leave for this one's current position has yet to be settled this one must hold his peace.
Re-write This One welcomes human webcomic readers. It was hoped that This One would be able to comment on the cartoon strip that you have just finished reading. Unfortunately, as This One's dental plan has yet to be secured, This One must respectfully refuse.
80 Making Up is Easy to Do TAR TUKKA FROO! That is the Vortigaunt way of saying GREETINGS, LOYAL READERS! Although this one is still discontented with his pay package, there will be a comment made. Here it is: DUU TAR FLIN GOOK SHAMMA TU! And this one doubts many of you would argue with such a statement.
Re-write This One regrets that the Conan Fiori-McPhee has turned to strong language in his dealings with This One following a debate over holiday pay. His attitude reminds This One of the ancient Vortigaunt proverb - 'Dooo'tun dakka doo, rrtkip lum haithyn char!' And This One doubts any of you would dispute such an observation.