There's a Blizzard Outside
Artist The CamPanulas
Album The White Albumen
Length 3:12
Songs on The White Albumen
The White Albumen
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  3. Freda
  4. Jason MEGATRON Burrows
  5. 100 Square Miles of Rubik's Cube
  6. Who is Justin Bailey?
  7. Hep Cats & Bee's Knees
  8. There's a Blizzard Outside
  9. Where are all the Happy Cats?
  10. Song ~TEN~
  11. Creamsicle
  12. Milkshake


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I see there's a blizzard outside
Canada is turning white
I'm trapped inside my home
The company cut off my phone

Well it's nice and warm in here
As the view outside just disappears
I'll be the last person around
In this wintertime wonderland I found

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