Test Subject Session Beta
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Fizziks Enjinn
Length 0:44
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Test Subject Session Beta

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Test Subject: That didn't help at all!
Fizziks Enjinn: You are harbouring negative feelings, such as resentment and hostility.
Test Subject: No shit.
Fizziks Enjinn: This stems from your youth.
Test Subject: Yeah, yeah, that's it, it all stems from my youth— wait, what do you know about my youth!?
Fizziks Enjinn: I know about the puppies.
Test Subject: No, no, don't make me live through that again! No, no, not the puppies, the puppies. (Puppy noises) The slobbering tongues, their glistening eyes... The wagging tails, THE TAILS! THE WAGGING, THE WAGGING! (Unintelligible sob)