Test Subject Session Alpha
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Fizziks Enjinn
Length 0:48
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Test Subject Session Alpha

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Bonus tracks

The true opening track on most versions of Fizziks Enjinn. In it the Test Subject (voiced by Andrew Kepple) and the computer named Fizziks Enjinn, according to the original script, (voiced by Co McPhee) are introduced in a musical experiment.


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Fizziks Enjinn: Greetings, thank you for volunteering.
Test Subject: What? I didn't volunteer!
Fizziks Enjinn: Please try to relax, have some tasty endorphins.
Test Subject: Get that needle away from me!
Fizziks Enjinn: You know you want them.
Test Subject: No I don't, I want to go home. Let me out, LET ME OUT!
Fizziks Enjinn: Firstly, you must learn how to L-O-L.
Test Subject: I don't want to L-O-L, I don't even know what that stands for. Whatever it is, it sounds painful. Least uncomfortable, probably involves electrodes.
Fizziks Enjinn: Please listen to this instructional audio.