Sugar (Gimme some)
Episode Twenty-Eight
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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(Clearly, Cunningham, cashflow is our problem)>Fonzie Cunningham
(Hence - you need a job!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(A job?)
(But Fonzie, I spend 16 hours a day cleaning up and running errands round here!)>Cunningham
(I know! Eight hours a day, totally wasted!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(But that's when I eat and sleep)
(P'shaw! Fear not Cunningham, look; I have secured you a position at the local petroleum emporium!)>Fonzie
Fonzie<(Now, it pays $3 an hour and it fits those wasted hours perfectly! That's $168 dollars a week, man!)
(But... when will I...)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Oh yes, BABY must have his NAPTIME!)
(Fear not my weary minion! You see, a case of Red Bull costs $50!)>Fonzie
(That works BETTER than sleep and we're still $118 up on the game!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Cannot... refute... logic...)
~1 Week Later~
(Husband! Toilet filthy!)>Olsen Fonzie<(You can blame that lazy scullion Cunningham!)
(Heart attack, indeed!)>Fonzie