Episode Twenty-Four
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Almost Certain Death


(I fixed the fuses, Fonzie)>Cunningham   Fonzie<(Good!)
(Quite the coincidence they blew at the same time that collider went on)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(I thought my time had come! It made me think...)
Fonzie<(Zounds! So that collider has broken new barriers! LULZ) Cunningham
Cunningham<(Seriously, Fonzie. Life is so fragile... so precious...)
(We should stop with the hate and make with the love! For our future!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(No thank you, Cunningham. YOU might want a future that looks like Barbarella but I have other plans!) Cunningham
(Husband! Come heap quick! Bring tomohawk!)>Olsen   Fonzie<(Oh, what is it NOW?)
(Strange thing - in Mary-Kate's kitchen! Something appear! From nowhere! Making Laura Ashley wallpaper grubby!)>Olsen
Fonzie<(Have you been smoking that peace pipe again? BUT WAIT!)
Fonzie<(Of course - all those free hadrons the machine released!!) Cunningham<(You don't mean -!)
Fonzie<(Yes! They have altered that invisible ne'er-do-wells atomic signature at protonic levels!)
(Meaning he will now be physical - and VISIBLE!!)>Fonzie
(That's some good science Fonzie!)>Cunningham   Fonzie<(It works for David Tennant too)