Socks, Noses & Pancakes
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 2:27
Songs on Songs from the Seabed
  1. Invisible Blue Trees
  2. Behold, The CamPanulas!
  3. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins
  4. Computer Burger
  5. Symptoms
  6. Holographic Snow
  7. The Adventures of Mr. Slime
  8. Radio Choice
  9. We Salute You, William Sledd
  10. Crumpet Vendor!
  11. Life on Mars (sucks)
  12. Jesus Impersonator
  13. You're Worth a Masterball
  14. Socks, Noses & Pancakes
  15. Song
  16. Au Revoir, Les CamPanulas

Bonus track


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I take these socks put them on my nose
It makes me feel like I have no toes
I take these toes put them in my glove
That they may share the finger love.

I take these eyes put them in this jar
Now I cannot see too far
I take these ears put them in my shoe
That they may do some walking too.

I take this pancake from the pan
I do this now because I can
I use that pancake for a face
Now I'm in my happy place.

I take this kneecap on my knee
Rotate it round 14 degrees
Now I can't walk in a straight line
Oh well never mind.