Episode Nineteen
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Fonzie<(What have you done to my wallpaper?!) (Mary-Kate burn old scheme. Mary-Kate replace with soft cream and caramel)>Olsen
(How dare you!)>Fonzie Olsen<(Mary-Kate will be good American wife. Now we make heap big pow-wow about curtains)
Cunningham Fonzie<(But we're not married you mammering measle! Cunningham!) Olsen
(Yes, Fonzie?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Get rid of this minx! I command it!)
(How?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Use some initative! Shoot her! Push her out the window!)
(Fonzie - that's MURDER! :o )>Cunningham Fonzie<(SO?)
Cunningham<(I can't go to jail - I'm too pretty) (Ah, true)>Fonzie
(Hey guys)>                          (Aha! The invisible squatter!)>Fonzie Cunningham
(What's up, cracker?)>                   Fonzie<(Earn your keep - go and kill Mary-Kate Olsen!)
Fonzie<(Not having a body, YOU can get away with it! Ah ha - AH HA!)
<(Oh no - NO NO! She must never know I exist, even!) Fonzie<(You dare disobey? Why!)
<(If she knows I exist, she'll start checking the bathroom before she takes a shower)
(What's the point of being a non-corporeal pervert?)>Fonzie     (Meh, It's a hobby)>