Saucy Headcrab
Book One, Episode Three
Lwl ep003
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 2nd February 2009
Length 8 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Link Life with Lamarr
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Window Pain
Potty Time


Doctor Breen is seen exiting Kleiner's apartment, having just made another demand for overdue rent. Kleiner promises to pay as soon as he can, but confesses to Barney he has no idea how he'll come by the money and asks his roomate to talk Lamarr for a walk while he figures it out.

During their walk, Barney ponders how he could help Kleiner out and then notices Cubbage selling tickets for what appears to be a girlie revue.

Kleiner, worried by how late it's getting with no sign of Lamarr comes looking for the pair, and his attention is drawn by the sounds of whooping and cheers. On entering the building, he is horrified to discover Lamarr 'pole-dancing' between two ladies in their underwear in a red-lit room. The episode ends with Kleiner nursing Lamarr under one arm dragging Barney out by the collar, with Barney protesting how much money they were making and Kleiner reminding him that "There are limits, Barney - there are limits!"

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: Did you spot me in this episode, readers? Right there selling tickets I was! You don't see me again - after that I'm inside getting a nice eyeful of dancing deb! Beats looking at that Roman Ruin my wife Elise calls a face anyday!!


  • This strip features the first appearance of Wallace Breen, in his capacity as Kleiner's landlord.
  • The young lady seen walking her own poison headcrab in panel 3 appears to be Nancy Longfigger, although at this point in the strip's life her character was not defined.
  • The two dancing girls featured in panel 7 are identical models of Lara Croft.
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