Radio Choice
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 3:12
Songs on Songs from the Seabed
  1. Invisible Blue Trees
  2. Behold, The CamPanulas!
  3. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins
  4. Computer Burger
  5. Symptoms
  6. Holographic Snow
  7. The Adventures of Mr. Slime
  8. Radio Choice
  9. We Salute You, William Sledd
  10. Crumpet Vendor!
  11. Life on Mars (sucks)
  12. Jesus Impersonator
  13. You're Worth a Masterball
  14. Socks, Noses & Pancakes
  15. Song
  16. Au Revoir, Les CamPanulas

Bonus track

Radio Choice is a song written very early on in Co's career - about 16 years before it appeared on Songs from the Seabed. At the time Co was working in a kitchen as a washer up, and being into new-wave and UK punk at the time was tortured by the kitchen radio which was set permanently to 'Capital Gold'. This station played only 'classic' songs, such as 'Walk Like a Man' by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and 'Tell Laura I Love Her'. Despite having decades of material to draw upon, the station repeatedly played and re-played the same songs over and over again, sometimes playing the same song four times in one day every day for a week.


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I don't take this process lightly
I don't take it well at all
I s'pose I have to do something
Until the Seraphim call.

The walls are thick with grease here
My eyes are wet with steam
High volume pours from radio
I can't even dream.

That's not my radio choice
That's not my radio choice.

Not enough my job is dead end
They gotta torture me too
They've used the same old playlist
Since 1972.

Frankie Valli hits the high note
It feels like glass in my head
DJ said 'Don't touch that dial,
Just throw me through the window instead' yeah.

That's not my radio choice
That's not my radio
That's not my radio
That's not my radio choice.

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