Potty Time
Book One, Episode Four
Lwl ep004
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 4th January 2009
Length 8 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
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Saucy Headcrab


Lamarr has relieved herself on the rug, much to Kleiner's disappointment. He decides to teach her to use the toilet, props her up in there and leaves her to it. Meantime, Barney has bloated himself on a massive Chinese takeaway and rushes to use the toilet himself. On throwing open the door, Barney finds Lamarr leaping and screaming in his face, the shock of which makes it 'a little late' to use the facilities when Lamarr has finished.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: Poop jokes - and only four episodes in! By Jove, I do believe this could be some kind of webcomic record!


  • The title is a reference to Michael Bentine's Potty Time, one of Co's favourite shows in the seventies.
  • G-Mod's inflating tool was used to 'fatten' Barney
  • During the making of this strip, the difficulty of posing Kleiner, Lamarr and Barney in such a confined space as the apartment's bathroom decided that Kleiner's apartment set would be written-out as soon as possible.