Pingu Parody Party
Created by Co McPhee
No. of Eras 3.5
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Pingu Parody Party was a video series by Co McPhee, it was original subtitled episodes of Pingu with humorous (and sometimes adult) dialogue. After most of Co's videos were deleted for copyright violation he restarted with them dubbing, he had planned to dub the original subbed ones but found there were so many episodes of Pingu made he never did remake any that were previously subbed.

On the 24th of November 2009, YouTube finally caught onto Pingu Parody Party. As HiT entertainment, owners of Pingu had put in complaints about most of the episodes simultaneously and each complaint registered as its own violation, this meant there was no time to take evasive action against YouTube's three-strike system. Co's entire account was wiped without any warning, and almost everything was thought lost. However, Pingu's luck turned when The Light6 discovered he had downloaded and saved several of the Pingu videos on his hard-drive.

The copyright complaint was later referenced in Life With Lamarr with the character of Hugh Chube hunting a man dressed as Pingu.

Later the remaining episodes were uploaded to a new account and a new episode was released.


List of EpisodesEdit

Subbed eraEdit

  1. The Psychotic Episode
  2. Takin' Pictures (Missing)
  3. Mocking the Afflicted Parody (Missing)
  4. Big and Bouncy (Missing)
  5. Boxing Pingana (Missing)
  6. (Missing)
  7. Don't Slap my Pingu Up (Missing)
  8. Pushers of the Corn (Missing)
  9. (Missing)
  10. (Missing)
  11. (Missing)
  12. Vegus Nerves (Missing)
  13. Domestic Hiss(y fit) (Missing)

Dubbed eraEdit

  1. Pingu the Tosser
  2. Not Too Cool 4 Skool
  3. Penguins are Strange (Missing)
  4. Shadow Demons
  5. The Plummeting of Mr. Pingu
  6. Merciless Torture
  7. Music video: Do it for teh LULZ!
  8. Pingu Particle Wars!
  9. Pingu's Rocket Sauce (Missing)
  10. Pingu's Nightmare (Missing)
  11. Abandonment Issues (Missing)
  12. Pingu Comes but Once a Year (Missing)
  13. Jealous Much? (Missing)
  14. Raising a Stink (Missing)

Transitional eraEdit

  1. Pingu's Ass Preserver

Revival eraEdit

  1. Where oh Where did my Poor Hoe Go?