Episode Twenty
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Shark<(Gentlemen, as you know our primary attempt to assassinate Fonzarelli failed) Shark Shark Varney
Shark<(However, all is not lost; Comrade Varney here has managed to obtain important medical documents!)
Varney<(I made off wit' 'em! Kno whut I mean?)
Shark<(Yes, thank you. After extensive study of Fonzarelli's medical record, we believe we have located a weakness!)
Shark<(It's on the overhead projector now...)         (!!)>Shark (!!)>Shark Varney
Shark       (This is crazy - there's no way we can hit an exhaust port that small!)>SharkSharkVarney
SharkSharkVarney<(Nut 'possible? Whya used ta bullseye ma sister's every night, kno whut I mean?)
Shark<(You must get close to Fonzarelli - negotiate your way up this trench...) SharkSharkVarney
Shark<(Fonzarelli wears kevlar at all times, so you'll need to use proton torpedos) SharkSharkVarney
Shark      (So what you're saying is you want us to stick a rocket up his ass?)>SharkSharkVarney
Shark<(YES)   (Yeah baby, now we're talking!)>SharkSharkVarney<(Yuh-huh!)