Penguins are Strange
Dubbed era, Episode Sixteen
Series Pingu Parody Party
Created by Co McPhee
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Penguins are Strange was a Pingu Parody Party short that featured an already bizarre dream sequence from the original Pingu series. This sequence, as with much Pingu, was so strange that it was not required to do much to make it look like Pingu was completely stoned on hallucinogenic drugs apart from a little colour editing.

YouTube RemovalEdit

Sadly, this video fell foul of copyright violation not because of the video but due to the audio, "People are Strange", the song by The Doors as covered by Echo and the Bunnymen which was played throughout. The owners of this music put in a complaint to YouTube which was upheld and the video was 'locked' pending a complete change of audio.

Co still posesses the video and may at some point re-release it with different audio - which, so the title will still make sense, will probably be the Doors' original version of the same song. The Doors presumably have a lot more money than Echo and all the Bunnymen (who are no doubt all skint by now) and are therefore unlikely to care as much about their work being used to adorn a little-seen video featuring a plasticene Penguin.