Over 9,000!
Book Two, Episode Sixty
Lwl ep060
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 12 June, 2009
Length 22 Panels
Created by Jamie Fiori
Link Life with Lamarr
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Over 9,000! is a guest comic by Jamie Fiori which serves as the 60th episode of Life with Lamarr.


Barney Calhoun is acting odd, sneaking around as if he is up to no good. Once he thinks the coast is clear, he pulls out a comic book. Suddenly, Dr. Kleiner appears and enquires as to what Barney is up to.

Kleiner is shocked to see that Barney was reading a Naruto manga book. Barney thinks that Kleiner will be disappointed in him, but Kleiner reveals that he enjoys manga books too, citing Bleach as his personal favourite.

When Barney says that Bleach sucks, Kleiner disagrees, and the two have a manga-style fight using weapons used by the main characters in the two manga books, whilst Naruto and Ichigo (from the two previously stated manga books) look on in dismay.


  • The map used in this comic was gm_new_worlds [1], and only used up a portion of the map to make the comic.
  • The creator, Jamie, made up the comic as he went along.
  • Jamie has another idea for a "Semi-Sequel" comic featuring Eli and Alyx, but is unsure as to whether he'll ever actually do it.
  • The punchline was added at the last second when Jamie realized that he mixed the weapons up (Barney was meant to have the ninja weapons, as he was the Naruto fan, whilst Kleiner would wield the Zambato, as he was the Bleach fan) However, Co Mcphee, the creator of LWL, thought this made the comic funnier.
  • The comic's creator, Jamie Fiori, is also the author of the GMod webcomic, Zombeh Mastr, on Smack Jeeves.
  • Despite how the comic satires anime and manga fans, Jamie himself is quite fond of japanimation, some of his favourites including Death Note, Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh! (purely out of nostalgia), and even the two featured manga series - Bleach and Naruto.