Not Too Cool 4 Skool
Dubbed era, Episode Fifteen
Series Pingu Parody Party
Release date 12 December, 2008
Length 5:04
Created by Co McPhee
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Pingu the Tosser
Penguins are Strange

Based on the original Pingu episode "Pingu at the Nursery", in which Pingu accompanies Pinga to kindergarten and partakes of the day's lessons (including intro origami), this re-dub includes many a disrespectful allusion to Pinga's speculated retardation as well as plenty of innuendo-laden banter between Pingu and the supposedly attractive teacher. The teacher, we learn, has family issues that resulted in her landing in this particular career, much to her dissatisfaction. On the way home again, Pingu and Pinga encounter Pingu's tormentors, but Robbie smooths things over by doing basic-level circus seal tricks that nonetheless astound all of the penguins.