Ned Land
Ned Land
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Book Three Epilogue
Appearances Book Three: Land Sakes

The Irish husband of Melanie Land who left her to have an affair in City 17.

Character HistoryEdit

Pre-Life with LamarrEdit

Married to Melanie Land one night he went to check on the melons and never came back. Mel kept her hopes up that he was still alive despite most others believing him to be dead, in truth he ran off with his Mistress to City 17 with almost no one knowing, Obediah Fisher excluded, where he stayed for 4 years before returning.

Book Three: Land SakesEdit

After much effort Fisher was able to make Mel sell the farm in order to get her to go away and protect her should Ned ever return. Soon after this Ned did return and was outraged his farm was sold and was now in the care of Earl and Roderick. His disgust at Roderick's corpse made him attempt to convince Earl that Rod was dead and translated Barney's magick words as "I am very thirsty, where's the pub!" caused Earl to kill Ned in a rage.

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