Book Three, Episode Ninety-three
Lwl ep093
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 21 October, 2009
Length 2 x 4 Panels
Created by Chris Urquhart
Link Life with Lamarr
Chris' GMod Comic
Life with Lamarr Episode guide
Requiem for a Headcrab
A Holiday Special
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Exodus of the Peons (The Aftermath)
Halloween 2009

Misunderstood is a guest comic which serves as the 93rd Life with Lamarr strip and the 121st episode of Chris' GMod Comic.


This comic is a four-panel joke which mimics 'posh' people. The joke here is that some posh people pronounce 'bath' as 'barth' (barf). So when a woman says to her husband that she 'would like to barth', he assumes she means bathe, and suggests they do so together. The woman is quick to correct her husband, saying 'I meant the other kind of b...', but vomits before she can finish the sentence, causing hubby to jump out the way.

The Life with Lamarr version of this comic is in Flash form, and has a slider at the bottom. Chris (the creator) made two versions of this comic, one of which contains Odessa Cubbage in place of the husband. The slider allows you to switch between 'less Cubbage' and 'moar Cubbage!'.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: It's like I've always said - one can never have too much Cubbage, what! I'm available for parties and Bar Mitzvahs - absolutely no charge. Just send me an invitation. Please? I do a spiffing impersonation of Terry-Thomas! Please?


  • The map used in this comic was de_chateau.
  • Chris originally intended for the Cubbage strip to be used instead of the one he sent. He was therefore surprised when Co emailed him to say that he would be using both.
  • On the Chris' GMod comic site, the original comic is used. However, you can put your mouse over it to see the Cubbage version.
  • Chris only created this comic because Co said he wanted a '4 panel strip with a corny joke'. So that's what Chris did.

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