After episode 30 of Twisted Fonzie Theatre the CamPanula forum they were hosted on started to fail. To prevent their loss they were saved to an archive on Soon after however Co McPhee made another forum where a new episode was promptly released. This unnamed episode told of Fonzie's eviction from Château Fonzarelli in an obvious parallel to the forum's situation. A second episode, also unnamed, was later released which continued this plot change however before more could be done the forum disappeared as did all known copies of those two episodes. The lack of a forum caused a 9 month hiatus before a new episode was released on the Life with Lamarr site.

Plot detailsEdit

While the transcripts have been lost a few plot details have survived through memory.

  • The forum handled smilies differently causing them to be aligned differently to their speech "bubbles" then before. Fonzie asks Cunningham why his speech bubble is different in it. However as archives exist of the previous episodes if this episode still existed the comment would appear non-sensical.
  • The eviction occurred due to Fonzie failing to pay the rent, their money problems being a re-occurring gag previously, in a later episode they were once again evicted.
  • To keep Fonzie calm during the transition Cunningham drug's him with horse tranquillisers which are later revealed to belong to Champion the Wonder Horse resulting in him having a bad night's sleep.