Episode Eighteen
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide

Mary-Kate Olsen welcomes herself into Château Fonzarelli.


~knock knock~    Cunningham <(Who is it?)
(Greetings, Cunningham)> Olsen Cunningham <(Mary-Kate Olsen? What do you want?)
(Mary-Kate has travelled for many moons - over the great water, and the desert that has no end)> Olsen
Olsen <(Mary-Kate seeks strong warrior who will take Mary-Kate as his squaw) Cunningham <(So...?)
(Mary-Kate has heard many tales of he who is known as the Fonz. Mary-Kate offers herself as wife to this great warrior)> Olsen
(Who is it, Cunningham?)> Fonzie Olsen <(The Fonz! The one whose name rings among Mary-Kate's ancestors!)
(Are you selling something?)> Fonzie Olsen <(Mary-Kate is good stock. Will make many fine sons)
Cunningham Fonzie <(What are you Cunningham, a freak magnet?) (Mary-Kate has fine strong hips!)> Olsen


  • One of the few if any episodes to have any changes done in the movement from the archive to this wiki where an extra tilde (~) where one was originally left out, most likely as a typo.