Life on Mars (sucks)
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 2:07
Video Yes
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Bonus track


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Every day he comes to see me
Although I know noone believes me
He loves the flowers that I grow
But there is one thing I must know

Tell me what's life like on Mars?
I tell ya kid, it really sucks
There's no water, there are no birds
Everywhere is just red dust
You don't know what you have here
You take for granted all you see
Imagine how my race would be
To touch a tree, to paddle in the sea
The sea. The sea. To paddle in the sea.

His name is Sven, he comes from Mars
We walk and talk and often laugh
He's wandered round the galaxy
But Earth's his favourite place to be

Tell me what's life like on Mars?
I tell ya kid, it really sucks
My species is at constant war
With Venusians for they hate us
There's nothing left worth fighting for
Our barren world brings us despair
We live our lives out in the shade
So I'm afraid, we must invade
Your world. Your world. Your world.
Make humanity our slaves
Your world. Your world. Your world.
We're coming next Tuesday

Music VideoEdit

The CamPanulas - Life on Mars (Sucks)

The CamPanulas - Life on Mars (Sucks)

The official Life on Mars (sucks) music video.

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