Episode Twenty-Five
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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(Come Cunningham - now this scunner has a body, we can physically throw him out)>Fonzie Cunningham<(No!!)
(What ails you now?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(We can't - I know his identity!)
(Oh yes - I was never interested enough to ask)>Fonzie Cunningham<(I can't go in there!!)
(For heaven's sake Cunningham, he can't be that dangerous)>Fonzie Cunningham<(No, not dangerous - he's - )
(I'm NOT WORTHY!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(That would be still true, even if it turned out to be Eric Bauman. Pah! I'll do it myself)
(AVAST!)>Gil                          Fonzie<((!))
(Who the devil are you, sir?)>Fonzie    Gil<(I, sir, am none other than - )
(I warned you I might be someone awesome, Winkler!)>Gil
(Don't call me that - Winkler is dead! Gone! And I still have no idea -)>Fonzie
(Fool, I am GIL PERKINS! The AC-TOR! Allow me to refresh your memory!)>Gil
Gil<(In 1933's 'King Kong' I was 'Uncredited Sailor'!)
Gil<(In the TV Show 'Limehouse Nights' in 1956, I played 'Dock Heavy#2'!)
Gil<(My performance as 'Man Questioned at Headquarters' in 1950's 'Edge of Doom' brought tears to the eye!)
Gil<(I bestrode the world as 'Irate Motorist, honking horn' in 'Traffic with the Devil!')
(But my finest hour was as the dashing 'Bluebeard' in 'Batman: The Movie'!)>Gil
Gil        Fonzie
Gil Fonzie<(Are you telling me, you're some third-rate extra?)
Gil Fonzie<(I was the most popular character in a popular, long-running -) (NO!)>Cunningham
(Fonzie - you cannot diss GIL PERKINS!)>Cunningham Fonzie Gil<(The boy speaks truly!)
Cunningham Fonzie Gil<(Revered as I was, the world was not ready for GIL PERKINS!)
(My ossumness threated the stability of the cosmos - the Barons of Reality dissolved my material body!)>Gil
(This is pure horsefeathers!)>Fonzie Cunningham Gil<(Hold your tongue, Winkler! NOW KNEEL!)
Gil<(For the world - IS MINE!)
(Over my cooling corpse!)>Fonzie Cunningham Gil<(Want to see me do 'Man in Mob' from 'To Kill a Mockingbird?')