Jamie Fiori, otherwise known as Fioriboy, is the author of the webcomic Zombeh Mastr and the stepson of LWL author, Co McPhee.

Other then making comics, Fioriboy has also made several music videos using "The Movies", and a few non-music videos as well

List of YouTube VidoesEdit

  • Weird Al Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy: Jamie's first music video... not to mention, one of his favourite.
  • Lemon Demon - Action Movie Hero Boy: Jamie's second music video, and in his own opinion his most successful to date
  • The Campanulas - We Salute You Willaim Sledd: Jamie's third music video, which features the Youtube celebrity William Sledd
  • Weird Al Yankovic - Christmas at Ground Zero: Jamie's fourth video, this once again being a christmas themed Weird Al video
  • Mr Hagezal the Mystical Weasel: Jamie's first non-music video using The Movies, featuring a wish granting weasel with a tendency to disappear
  • Edd vs Tom: Jamie's contribution to the 2008 Eddsworld fanvideo competition. It met with mixed opinions, although Edd Gould himself seemed to like it
  • World's Worst DnD FanMovies: To date, Jamie's only filmed video, in which he embarks on deliberately creating the single worst DnD fanmovie ever made in response to the many bad DnD fanmovies already on YouTube
  • Lemon Demon - When Robots Attack: Jamie's sixth music video (if you include the Edd vs Tom video), which is also his secon Lemon Demon music video
  • Mustachio Dance: Jamie's first (and most likely only) video made using Spore, where he confronts his favourite pre-generated-creature from the game
  • Happy Sexy Valantine's Day: A video Jamie made for Valantine's day as a joke

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