Invisible Blue Trees
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 3:20
Songs on Songs from the Seabed
  1. Invisible Blue Trees
  2. Behold, The CamPanulas!
  3. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins
  4. Computer Burger
  5. Symptoms
  6. Holographic Snow
  7. The Adventures of Mr. Slime
  8. Radio Choice
  9. We Salute You, William Sledd
  10. Crumpet Vendor!
  11. Life on Mars (sucks)
  12. Jesus Impersonator
  13. You're Worth a Masterball
  14. Socks, Noses & Pancakes
  15. Song
  16. Au Revoir, Les CamPanulas

Bonus track

The opening track to Songs from the Seabed.


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Why can't I touch the invisible blue trees?
I'm sure someone said they were made just for me
I'm sure I can smell them they smell just like pine
Surely they're mine, Surely they're mine
All of the people who wander round here
Don't even seem to be know that they're there
Pity they can't just go sit for a spell
And hide in a shell and hide in a shell.

This bench is so comfy the sun is so bright
The trees eat the sunlight and grow very high
Blue forest floor is all coated with moss
But the people are lost, they don't give a toss
Shame on them can't see the trees for the wood
I see them I'd touch them if only I could
I'm one with their roots and I'm one with the sap
Just sitting quietly hands in my lap.