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The cancelled 3rd CamPanulas album was meant to be a concept album where the character of Jamie was sucked into the internet.

Known TracksEdit

On March 24th, 2009 Co released the remains of the album, these songs vary in states of completion and in no particular order. The songs were also untitled however due to previous videos some of the songs' names were known, later after being questioned Co revealed the remaining names.

Possible OrderEdit

The tracks released were out of order however due to it being a concept album using the lyrics and various comments some of them can be put into order. However this remains incomplete and unconfirmed.

  1. Prelude in E minor - Intro track.
  2. If They Could See What I See - Is about being sucked into the internet.
  3. Inter the nets - Pondering how and why he was sucked into the internet.
  4. The Chosen One - His purpose within the internet is explained.
  5. Candy Mountain - Part of his quest.
  6. I Must Unsee What I Have Seen - Comes into despair due to the dark side of the net.
  7. Fresh Air & Sunshine - Is returned to the real world.


Is a fan album that attempts to reconstruct HTTP:// as new story that is different but similar to the original.