Holographic Snow
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 4:14
Songs on Songs from the Seabed
  1. Invisible Blue Trees
  2. Behold, The CamPanulas!
  3. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins
  4. Computer Burger
  5. Symptoms
  6. Holographic Snow
  7. The Adventures of Mr. Slime
  8. Radio Choice
  9. We Salute You, William Sledd
  10. Crumpet Vendor!
  11. Life on Mars (sucks)
  12. Jesus Impersonator
  13. You're Worth a Masterball
  14. Socks, Noses & Pancakes
  15. Song
  16. Au Revoir, Les CamPanulas

Bonus track

The 6th track from Songs from the Seabed and one of the few songs to have a released instrumental track. The song and one of it's lines were suggested by Kaelora who also created the album artwork.


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There's a sad girl sitting in the holographic snow
Underneath the holographic tree
Gazes at nothing with holographic eyes
Gazes right through me

Nothing surrounding her is ever really there
Nothing here that you can touch
Force of habit breathes the holographic air
It doesn't taste like much

All the holographic flakes whirl round
They don't melt upon your skin
Everything is holographic now
Everything there's ever been

Everybody here is a simulacrum
Nothing here is very real
We're made inside our little holographic world
There's nothing you can feel

Everyone is very dead inside
Everything is just a ghost
The sad girl underneath the holographic tree
understands this most

So time passes on our holographic Earth
It's perfect in every way
Shame nobody here is actually alive
Shame we've passed away

And the holographic snow falls down
And the holographic snow falls down
And the holographic snow falls down
And the holographic snow falls down
And the holographic snow falls down