Episode Twenty-Nine
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Sugar (Gimme some)


Fonzie<(A pox upon dis cold virus! -sniff- HOW DARE BIT TABE RESIDENCE IN THE SINUS OF DA FONZB?)
(-SNIFF- -COUGH- Can't hear a thingb - throatb closed upb -SNORT-)>Fonzie
(Hey, Fonzie! Mary-Kate wants to know if you want anything special next week?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Whatb?)
(For your Birthday Party)>Cunningham Fonzie<(WHATB? Damnb youb Cunninghamb, SPEAKB UPB! -sniff- )
(Your PARTY! To have a GOOD TIME!)>Cunningham Fonzie<(WHATB? Oh - it'sb 11b pastb 3b)
(What? I mean - you serious?? )>Cunningham Fonzie<(DAMB ITB CUNNINGHAMB! 11B PAST 3B! 11B PAST 3B!!!)
(You want a Lemon Party? ??) )>Cunningham
(I cannotb makeb myselfb anyb clearerb Cunninghamb! -SNIFF-)>Fonzie
Cunningham Fonzie<(-sniff-)
Cunningham Fonzie
(You SUR-?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(I TOLB YOUB! STOPB ASKINGB!)
-The Next Week-
(How's it going, Mary-Kate?)>Cunningham Olsen<(Mary-Kate find two elders who need money heap fast. Third elder me no can find!)
Cunningham<(That'll do I guess - it's a shame we had to ask Fonzie what he wanted though)
Olsen Cunningham<(After all, when he walks into his bedroom tonight, he won't get a surprise)