Excruciatingly Brief Segments of Amassed Consciousness: Music for People With No Attention Sp
Music for People With No Attention Sp
Released 2009
Length 27:40
Semi-Ecstatic Meanderings of a Community Gone Haywire

A compilation album featuring songs from various members of the Illemonati.


  1. The Story Begins by GrunnyLex
  2. Breakfast Fun by Niklas Vågstedt
  3. What What in the WHAT by Juttman
  4. 1,000 Miles (Just Isn't Good Enough) by GrunnyLex
  5. Vocal Chords by Flitzkraw
  6. A Lullaby by Dr. Professorman
  7. Floop Dance by Red Alien
  8. Clocks, Mandolins, Cops, & Meteors by Nathan Jorgensen
  9. :59 by NAN
  10. The Fast Few Days by Cody Robertson
  11. Soldier by David Sutter
  12. Cinema Koala Theme by Sick Pickle
  13. Mindy Theme by The CamPanulas
  14. In Which a Testudine's Ending is Unexpectedly Arisen Due to Transportation by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  15. Lemon Demon Forum Song by Spitfyre32x
  16. Nothing Lasts Forever by Luna Ray
  17. ehird says (3:26 PM): by Red Alien
  18. LOLSONGSMITH by Sick Pickle
  19. Sheepie's Odyssey, Part 4 by Andrew Kepple
  20. McBooty by Spinning Voices
  21. Table Draws an Instrumental by Red Alien
  22. Lunch Fun by Niklas Vågstedt
  23. Toad of the Hall Rap by The CamPanulas
  24. A Bird's Requiem by The Sunshine Scientist
  25. [unknown] by Pacarama
  26. The Silico Peninsula by Sick Pickle
  27. Zull Ram by Sick Pickle
  28. My DJ Has a God Complex by Kimoricard
  29. My Girlfriend by el Horsto
  30. Lost in Cyberspace with 10,000 Cuttlefish by Pacarama
  31. Shorts Are Worn in the Summer, Pants in the winter, and Smiles with your Friends by Tactical Muffin
  32. It's over already? by Hideous
  33. SASUKE!!! by Pacarama
  34. Short Song by Zapetroid
  35. Look at My Boobs by Weirdo Jace
  36. THX by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  37. The Cave Entrance by GrunnyLex
  38. That Punk Ethic (Up A Slick) by Nathan Jorgensen
  39. Green Rambo Rabbit Jazz by Kaleidoskull
  40. Thirty Second Song About Wheat by atoneful
  41. The E minor Song by NAN
  42. Launching Calculator by Sick Pickle
  43. The Happy Song by Patrick Smythe
  44. Oiduts Lf by Speedy Gonzo
  45. Abbey by Zapetroid
  46. Cybersp0nge by The CamPanulas
  47. Sheepie's Odyssey, Part 9 by Andrew Kepple
  48. Companion to the Letter A by Red Alien
  49. Dinner Fun by Niklas Vågstedt
  50. Another Burst of Noise Before The Creation of a Volcano by Illemonati