Death Ray
Episode Four
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Fonzie plans to use intimidation to enforce his rule.


Fonzie<(Those village idiots still do not fear the Fonz...)
Cunningham<(Let's get down there and bust some faces!)   Fonzie<(Hold, Cunningham!)
Fonzie<(No, this time I want to REALLY make an impact - build me....)
(:O)>Cunningham   Fonzie<(A DEATH RAY!!)
Fonzie<(We shall harness the power of the sun itself, and pour hellfire on those ignorant...)
Cunningham Fonzie<(...what are you waiting for?! Go! Hence thee away!)
Cunningham<(But Fonzie, I'm not sure I have enough Lego)
(LEGO?!)>Fonzie   Cunningham<(It's the only thing I know how to build with, Fonzie)
(Well - well, if you haven't enough go and buy more!!)>Fonzie
(It's kind of expensive - will MegaBloks do?)>Cunningham   Fonzie<((NO!!))