Death's a Beach
Book One, Episode Seven
Lwl ep007
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 11th February 2009
Length 11 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
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Kleiner's Scientific Method
The Prodigal Corpse


Procrastinating from work as usual, Kleiner persuades Barney to join him and Lamarr on a beach picnic. The peace is disturbed by the sound of a violent argument coming from a house, and on investigation the friends discover there appears to be two men trapped inside. On their release it turns out that one of them has been dead for some time and the other, having been trapped in the fruit cellar with only the corpse for company for eight months has gone completely insane. Seemingly unaware that his companion is long-deceased, the survivor introduces himself as Earl and the corpse as Roderick, who turns out to be the remains of his brother-in-law. Stomach turned by Roderick's advanced state of decay, Kleiner suggests he isn't hungry any more, which is just as well as Barney had left the picnic on the beach and it is now being carried away by Antlions.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: Must have been a nasty experience down there, readers! Like sleeping with Elise. Nothing in common, you say? You try it then, what!


  • The full names of the pair are Earl Bethan and Roderick Thanatos, Bethan being a Celtic word for 'life' and Thanatos Greek for 'death'.
  • The pair were inspired by Co McPhee's early jaunt through the level. Discovering a corpse in a beach house, McPhee named it 'Roderick' after a childhood friend and attempted to bring it with him as far through the game as he could. Roderick accompanied him through two more levels before an accident involving a hand-grenade blew Roderick up onto a cliff where he could no longer be reached, despite almost 40 minutes of trying to get him down again.
  • This was the only episode for a long time to feature regular Antlions due to the extreme difficulty of posing Antlion ragdolls. They were however reused in the story where the full explanation of Earl and Roderick's presence in the beach house was explained.