Cuttlefish Jam
Cover cuttlefishjam
Graphic art for Cuttlefish Jam
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Fizziks Enjinn
Length 3:20
Songs on Fizziks Enjinn
Fe cover
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  2. Everybody Loves to Laugh Out Loud
  3. Test Subject Session Beta
  4. Dollar Store
  5. Test Subject Session Gamma
  6. The /b/allad of Pear Chan
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  8. Where did Sally go?
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  10. Remedial Science
  11. Test Subject Session Zeta
  12. Insomniamarama
  13. Test Subject Session Eta
  14. Fizziks Enjinn
  15. Test Subject Session Theta
  16. Cousin Squeaky
  17. Test Subject Session Iota
  18. Derp Derp Derp
  19. Test Subject Session Kappa
  20. Cuttlefish Jam
  21. Test Subject Session Lambda

Bonus tracks

Cuttlefish Jam was inspired by Co reading Jean the famous adventure story 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. After almost 1,200 pages (on a Sony eBook reader) with still no sign of anything remarkable about to happen, Co began to wonder what it would be like to be the kidnapped Canadian Ned Land - a man who had been trapped on the famous submarine The Nautilus for several months now with literally nothing to eat except seafood.

Co hates seafood. At the time of writing he has still not finished reading this story to Jean.

Seafood cusine

Never found on Conan Fiori-McPhee's menu. Ever.


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Can I offer you another slice of Ocean Pie?
Or indulge you with some Rollmop Herring bites?
Whitebait broiled, served with oyster sauce?
And you have to try the Monkfish tongue of course

Our cooks are skilled with fish as they can be
We reap the endless bounty of the sea
Chew another tentacle, and you must try
Another spoon of helpless deep-fried fry

I'm not sure I can
Stand another day of cuttlefish jam
I sure I am
Day-dreaming of golden wheat
Any animal that once had feet
I'm going mad
On cuttlefish jam

You look a little peaky Mister Land?
It's alright I think that I understand
The motion of The Nautilus distresses you?
I'm surprised, for you've been here for so long too

Nine months on my ship, you've had to spend
But I know what will cheer you up my friend
This bread is made from ground-down seaweed gel
And you want more Dolphin eyeballs I can tell

Now I watch him spread it thick
In my head now something clicks
I'm blinded with rage
A beast in a cage
Time that Captain Nemo paid
I just went mad
Stone cold mad
On cuttlefish jam

(Instrumental Break)

The submarine drifts alone
All the crew are dead and gone I have Nemo's corpse
Washed up on the shore
Then I make up a fire
I'm roasting the Captain
He's still kind of seafood
But choice is no option
He's crispy and toothsome
But could use some seasoning
I search round the flotsam
And find me a jarful
He goes very nicely
With cuttlefish jam