Cousin Squeaky
Art squeaky
Graphic art for Cousin Squeaky
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Fizziks Enjinn
Length 2:21
Songs on Fizziks Enjinn
Fe cover
  1. Test Subject Session Alpha
  2. Everybody Loves to Laugh Out Loud
  3. Test Subject Session Beta
  4. Dollar Store
  5. Test Subject Session Gamma
  6. The /b/allad of Pear Chan
  7. Test Subject Session Delta
  8. Where did Sally go?
  9. Test Subject Session Epsilon
  10. Remedial Science
  11. Test Subject Session Zeta
  12. Insomniamarama
  13. Test Subject Session Eta
  14. Fizziks Enjinn
  15. Test Subject Session Theta
  16. Cousin Squeaky
  17. Test Subject Session Iota
  18. Derp Derp Derp
  19. Test Subject Session Kappa
  20. Cuttlefish Jam
  21. Test Subject Session Lambda

Bonus tracks

Cousin Squeaky is the result of Co having it in mind to make the CamPanulas equivalent of Yesterday by Paul McCartney - hence it is for the most part a solo acoustic guitar and vocal song, although other instrumentation and vocals join in the middle eight to aid the change of perspective.


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I would like to introduce
My good Cousin Squeaky
He's not from around these parts

He's a very gentle soul
Is Cousin Squeaky
I'm sure he'll win your hearts

If you'd care to step this way, Cousin Squeaky
I'll put names to all these faces
Try not to recoil from the touch of strangers
They may have a use someday

Can't I just remain at home?
I like it best when I'm alone
Who needs you? Who needs your friends?
I'm just here under sufferance

I'm glad that you are here, Cousin Squeaky
Perhaps you may make us smile
There's precious little fun in this house these days
I hope you like your stay

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