Computer Burger
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 2:14
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Bonus track

The first CamPanulas song ever created.


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One day I need a laptop so I wander into town to get one
My directional skills are very poor I go McDonalds

I say I want a laptop
He say I just sell Burger
I say is that like Apple?
He said they come in pie
Your burger can do Pi?
That good math it can do then
Don't wrap it up I'll take it now and see what this baby can do

I lift up lid it doesn't look so good it doesn't have have a keyboard
I can't even see where I'm supposed to plug this burger in

I say this has no mouse
He say no, only cow
I say and what's this green thing?
He say gherkin, take out
I say has it got chips?
He say we call them fries
Am I confused is he confused well someone is and that's for sure

Computer: Hard drive failure - unable to read gherkin
Now you will play Nintendo Entertainment System
Analysis complete results as follows
You have no friends
You have no friends
You have no friends
You have no friends (Yes)
You have no friends (Yes)

Thank you, thanks for that.
Oh well.