Episode Twelve
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Cunningham<(*sigh* Yes, Fonzie?) (Cunningham, I've just been to the bank!)>Fonzie
(Some lickspittle told the Fonz that his account was exhausted! How can this be?)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(Well, we don't earn anything Fonzie) (EARN?!!)>Fonzie
(Those peasants in the village below are supposed to pay TRIBUTE!)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(They haven't for a while...) (This is too much! Fetch me their leader!)>Fonzie
(Here he is, Fonzie)>Cunningham Al Fonzie<(Aha! Mr. Delvecchio!)
Cunningham Al Fonzie<(Where's the money you're supposed to pay me!)
Al<(Misschien zal ik u de stoom uit mijn pissen)
Cunningham Al Fonzie<(What the Dickens! What the hell did he just say?)
Cunningham<(Al had a stroke last year, Fonzie. He can't speak English anymore)
Fonzie<(Wh - what?! That's preposterous! Tell him if he doesn't pay, I'm going to spit-roast Rosa with Robert Carradine!)
Cunningham<(I don't think he...) Al<(Carradine Blijf uit de buurt van mijn grote borsten vrouw!)
Fonzie<(What is this gibberish! Just go and pillage his restaurant!)
Cunningham<(OK Fonzie) Al Fonzie<(I always hated your burgers, anyway)
Al<(Ja ja ja ja...)