Episode Twenty-Two
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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Almost Certain Death


(What are you doing now? Stop doing things!)>Fonzie   Olsen<(Mary-Kate bake heap good carrot cake)
(I loathe carrot cake you pestiferous cluck!)>Fonzie   Olsen<(Mary-Kate fine homemaker)
Olsen<(Now Mary-Kate wait for her brave in bedchamber. Prepare to receive seed - make fine sons to raise as warriors) Fonzie<(EWWWW!)
(Cunningham! Aid me! How do I ditch this nettlesome bawd?)>Fonzie   Cunningham<(Well, Fonzie...)
Cunningham<(Maybe you shouldn't?)
(What! She's turned Chateaux Fonzarelli into a reject from Better Homes & Gardens!)>Fonzie   Cunningham<(Yes...)
(But the landlord has given us 2 days to come up with the rent - and Mary-Kate is RICH!)>Cunningham
(Cunningham - are you suggesting I prostitute myself just to pay off that loathsome parasite?)>Fonzie   Cunningham<(Well - kind of)
Fonzie<(NEVER!! If the landlord's being difficult just have him executed!) Cunningham<(But we need money!)
Cunningham<(We still have 12 payments left on that Iron Maiden you bought last summer)
Fonzie<(Well, put all our creditors into it!) Cunningham<(Also, that guy on eBay is getting impatient too)
Fonzie<(Fine! Run him over with the combine harvester he sold us!) Cunningham<( :( )
Cunningham<(We can't keep murdering people we owe money to. It's making it really hard to get credit) Fonzie<(Humbug!)
(All I know is, I am NOT sleeping with that Olsen woman!)>Fonzie<(I order YOU to do it!)
(ME? :o) )>Cunningham   Fonzie<(What's the matter, Cunningham? OH, so it's FINE for ME to have to do it!)
(Maybe next time the landlord comes I can just push him into the scorpion pit?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(The scorpions were repossessed, idiot!)