Calhoun the Hors D'oeuvre
Book One, Episode Fourteen
Lwl ep014
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 27th February 2009
Length 7 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
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The Headcrab King
Deus ex Headcrabima


Given the choice of death by laser or following the Headcrab King, Barney chooses the later. Magnusson explains to Barney that he is to help feed his pet, only to discover that his pet is a T. Rex named Mister Nibbles and that Barney himself is the food!

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: What a magnificent brute! I say, that would look jolly good above my fireplace! As a member of the British Aristocracy, it is my sworn duty to kill as many animals as possible! Them's the bally rules!