Episode Twenty-Seven
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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~This Episode of Twisted Fonzie Theatre is brought to you by~
(Has he left, Cunningham?)>Fonzie   Cunningham<(Gil? Yes Fonzie, he went off to rent the abandoned manor across the lake)
(Seems like Chateau Fonzarelli attracts every deadbeat for miles around!)>Fonzie
(What next Fonzie? I look to you for guidance)>Cunningham   Fonzie<(Action, Cunningham, action!)
Fonzie<(It's time the world truly remembered the name of The Fonz!)
(With these interruptions out of the way, we can proceed with Project Overlord!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(*gasp*)
(But - I thought...)>Cunningham Fonzie<(...that Arthur Fonzarelli had not the genitalia to implement his plan! BAH!)
(Imagine it Cunningham! A gigantic TV transmitter! The base of which is rooted in the core of the Earth itself!!)>Fonzie
Fonzie<(Using the mightly Himalayas to amplify and broadcast the signal!!!)
(Every television set on Earth will display nothing but Happy Days, 24 HOURS A DAY! MWAH HA HA HA)>Fonzie Cunningham<( :o )
(Is the device ready? Can we begin?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Ayeerrrummmmm....)
(Cunningham! I do not like that face! It is your 'I have failed you Fonzie', Face!)>Fonzie Cunningham<( :( )
(Gee, I'm sorry Fonzie - I contacted Evil Constructions Inc [Secret Bases in Volcanoes a speciality]...)>Cunningham
(And? AND?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Well, they said they could do it when the yard had the materials in next Monday...)
(YES?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(But they kind of wanted cash up front)
(SO?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(The estimate was $250 billion dollars)
(Well - well can't they adjust it into our budget somehow?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(They did. They sold me this packet of throaties)
(Throaties?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(They suggested I stand on the roof and shout, Fonzie)