Behold, The CamPanulas!
Artist The CamPanulas
Album Songs from the Seabed
Length 2:14
Songs on Songs from the Seabed
  1. Invisible Blue Trees
  2. Behold, The CamPanulas!
  3. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins
  4. Computer Burger
  5. Symptoms
  6. Holographic Snow
  7. The Adventures of Mr. Slime
  8. Radio Choice
  9. We Salute You, William Sledd
  10. Crumpet Vendor!
  11. Life on Mars (sucks)
  12. Jesus Impersonator
  13. You're Worth a Masterball
  14. Socks, Noses & Pancakes
  15. Song
  16. Au Revoir, Les CamPanulas

Bonus track

The second song on Songs from the Seabed, it gives the impression that the album is infact a concert, which is further supported by Au Revoir, Les CamPanulas and of course proves that the said concert is taking place on the bottom of the sea.


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Ladies and gentlemen!
Could I please remind you to extinguish your cigarettes
Turn off your mobile phones
And that all exits to this theatre are now barred
And that to attempt to leave your seat is a capital crime!
May I introduce to you
All the way from their tour of the Southern Continents
The CamPanulas!

(You're an idiot Leeroy!)
(Well at least I have chicken)