Barney Helps Out
Book One, Episode Nine
Lwl ep009
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 16th February 2009
Length 14 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
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Kleiner is rather reluctant to have Earl and Roderick come to stay, but Barney assures him that they could solve their financial difficulty. Kleiner relents, because at that very moment Breen arrives to demand the rent yet again. Barney attempts to broach the subject with Earl, but is told the money actually belongs to Roderick and it's up to Earl's deceased friend how the money is used. Desperate, Barney seizes Roderick and uses him as a puppet with a grisly voice to persuade Earl it's fine.

Earl almost immediately spots what Barney is about and becomes psychotically violent, almost throttling Barney and chasing both he and Kleiner out of their flat, Roderick in tow. Breen, left alone in the flat, having overheard the cases contain cash decides to take what he's owed himself. However, one of the cases is 'ticking', and explodes soon after - destroying Kleiner's flat. The comic ends with Earl vowing revenge upon our fleeing heroes.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: Great Scott! The cramped and difficult-to-pose-in apartment blown to smithereens? Who would have thought it! I suppose this means the comic strip is going out on the easy-to-pose-on road! Huzzahs!!


  • It would seem Kleiner has had the plumbers in since episode 2 - his sitting room now has a radiator under the window. This had been removed in previous strips as it tended to make posing difficult.
  • Co was always especially pleased with the lighting on Barney's face in panel 4, as it highlighted the fact that Barney was attempting a dubious thing - i.e. attempting to part somebody who was clearly mentally ill from his money.