Episode Twenty-Six
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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(Perkins, if you were dissolved before, why are you here now you devil!)>Fonzie Gil<(Hadrons, my good sir!)
(The hadrons free in the air, restored me to my former glory!)>Gil
Fonzie   Gil<(Many years ago, I was summoned before - THE BARONS OF REALITY)
Gil<(This coven are the 3 most powerful individuals in the universe - dedicated to maintaining the status quo...)
(What gives? How came I to be here?)>Gil (Gil Perkins, you are summoned before us...)>
Gil (Sylvester Sneekley! Uncle Traveling Matt! And our glorious Overlord...)>MattSneekly smilie
Gil (Champion the Wonder Horse!)>Matt Sneekly smilie Champion<(Neigh)
(What is my crime?)>Gil   (You were born before your time. The world is not ready!)>MattSneekly smilieChampion
(That is no fault of mine!)>Gil MattSneekly smilieChampion<(Neigh)
Sneekly smilie<(Champion has spoken! The evidence is compelling!)
(Perkins, your ossumness would unravel the very fabric of spacetime!)>Matt
(Agreed!)>MattSneekly smilie<(Agreed!)
Gil    (We have no choice! We must eradicate you from existence for the sake of reality!)>MattSneekly smilieChampion
[Gil<(They tried, Winkler... but they could not destroy my spirit!)]       <(Where am I? Why am I invisible?)
Fonzie Gil<(But now I have returned! Aye, they will still seek me but this time I am ready!)
(I've got a few stunts up my sleeve that'll fox 'em!)>Gil   Fonzie<(*sigh*)