Andrew Kepple was found abandoned on the doorstep of one Cecil T. Paddleflakes, a retired eccentric millionaire philanthropist, on December 18, 1879. Although it has been speculated that he was abandoned there by Paddleflakes himself, the millionaire claims to have no offspring. Upon being discovered on said doorstep by hungry waifs, Kepple was immediately put into a pot of stew, a favourite among the urban peasants of the area and the era. However, the warmth and heady odours of the stew revived young Kepple, who immediately drank the entire stew, lurched out of the pot, and ninja-kicked the hungry peasants in the face. Eyewitness accounts tell of how the infant Kepple then tore up a manhole cover and escaped into the sewers, never to be seen again for one hundred and twenty years. After re-emerging from the sewers, where legend has it that he had nourished and educated himself on refuse from the world above, Kepple's first order of business was to "pwn" the internet with mind-warping cartoons. While many experts agree that this order of business has been fully carried out, Kepple disagrees, and continues to produce mind-warping cartoons to this day. He currently lives in a rickety castle fashioned in the shape of the doorstep on which he was abandoned all those years ago.