Almost Certain Death
Episode Twenty-Three
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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(Forty, Forty-Five - Fifty bucks!)>Cunningham
(I'm out on the town!)>Cunningham Fonzie<(What are YOU doing, Cunningham?)
(Your night off isn't for another month!)>Fonzie   Cunningham<(Screw you Arthur, I'm outta here!)
((WHAT!))>Fonzie   Cunningham<(Save it! I'm off to score some cheap floozies!)
(And catch herpes AGAIN? What are you doing, trying to top some kind of perverse league table?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(No!)
Cunningham<(Tomorrow we're all dead, so I'm living right NOW!)
(What bilgewater is this?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(The hadron collider! It goes on in an HOUR! This is my last chance for meaningless sex!)
Fonzie<(You fool, Cunningham! That machine merely collides opposing beams of 7 TeV protons!)
Cunningham<(Yep! A recipe for an instant space-time singularity, to whit: a BLACK HOLE!) Fonzie<(Tsk!)
Fonzie<(The only person who owns a true doomsday device is me! Besides you're a little late!)
Fonzie<(They're actually switching that thing on about 2 seconds ago!) (((WHAT?!!)))>Cunningham
Black bar